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Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.

Larkfields has a very active Governing Body involved in all areas of school life. The Full Governing Body meets twice a term to manage finance, health and safety, pupil, personnel and curriculum issues. The Governing Body also regularly monitors the progress pupils are making and the progress the school is making with regard to its school improvement priorities. Membership of this important body includes elected parents and teacher representatives as well as members co-opted by the Governing Body and those nominated by the Local Authority. This ensures the Governing Body has the full range of necessary skills.


Staff Representatives

Executive Head: Mrs Linda Azemia - appointed 01.09.19

Mrs Kerry Bear - re-appointed 25.11.19


Parent Representatives

Ms Kirstie Houlton – appointed 21.03.16

Mr Simon Attenborough – appointed 16.01.18

Mr James Quested – (Vice Chair of Governors) appointed 01.10.18 

Mrs Gail Rowark – appointed 01.10.18

Mr Henry Diamond - appointed 11.06.19

Mrs Nicky Haywood - appointed 11.06.19


Co-opted Representatives

Cllr Philip Owen – appointed 01.05.14

Mr Matt Batterham (Chair of Governors) – appointed 04.12.15

Mrs Lindsay Austin – appointed 22.06.17

Mrs Janet Wilson - re-appointed 01.09.19


Associate Members

Mrs Nichola Irwin (Head of School) - Appointed 15.10.19

Mrs Zoe Allen (School Business Manager) - re-appointed 15.10.19


Councillor Philip Owen is also a school governor at Mornington Primary School.


The following Governors stepped down during the last 12 months:

Mrs Jo Cuthbert - (retired Head Teacher) - 31.08.19

Mr Steve Archer - end of term - 30.08.19

Mr Mark Blyton - resigned - 07.05.19


Governor Services – 0115 8040628

Governor Attendance

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