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We follow a carefully structured maths programme which equips the children with the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to enable them to progress through the National Curriculum. The children are encouraged to build up concepts through practical activities. They develop their own mathematical thinking through problem solving and investigation.


We aim to teach mathematics so that all children:-


  • Develop a positive attitude to mathematics
  • Develop skills in mental calculation
  • Acquire knowledge, skills and understanding in using and applying numbers, measures, shape
  • Possess the skills required for problem solving and mathematical reasoning
  • Are able to communicate mathematics
  • Meet or exceed the national mathematics targets


Tests and assessments are carried out each term.


Once children enter school they are given a set of targets for their year group, and activities that can be carried out at home to help achieve these targets.


Click the icons below to access our ‘Maths at Home’ and Maths Glossary booklets. We hope you find it useful.



Maths at Home                Maths Glossary

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