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If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. 


For the academic year 2020 – 2021 the school will admit all children at a set date within the school year. This date will be 2nd September. This means that children will be admitted as follows:


Children who have their 5th birthday between 01.09.20 – 31.08.21 will be admitted on the first day of the Autumn Term 2020


Parents may defer taking up the place at this time and may choose to have their child admitted on the first day of the spring term 2021 or when the child is of compulsory school age, [the beginning of the term after the fifth birthday] without detriment to the place if statutory age would be in the same school year.


Deferring and part-time attendance for children who are not of compulsory school age


If parents do not wish their child to start school full time in reception, but want to wait until their child reaches compulsory school age, they can request to defer taking up the place until later in the year.


Born Between Latest starting date in reception

1 September – 31 December  –  spring term
1 January – 31 March  –  summer term
1 April – 1 August –  beginning of summer term


As shown above, admission to reception cannot be deferred beyond the point at which the child reaches compulsory school age or beyond the start of the final term of that school year.

Parents may also wish their child to attend school part-time until they reach compulsory school age.
All requests to defer admission in the reception year should be discussed directly with the school.


Summer born children


Parents of children born between 1 April and 31 August, may choose not to send their child to school until the September following the child’s fifth birthday (the point at which at other children in their age range are beginning Year 1).


Parents can decide if they want their child to miss reception completely and start in Year 1, or whether they would prefer to start in reception the following year. If parents want to defer their child’s admission to the reception year group they should contact the home local authority to request this.




In the event of over-subscription, the following criteria will be applied, in priority order, to determine which applications will be granted once places have first been allocated to pupils who have a statement of special educational needs which names the school:


  • Children looked after by the local authority and previously looked after children.
  • Children who live in the catchment area and who, at the time of admission, will have a brother or sister attending the school or linked junior/primary school.
  • Other children who live in the catchment area.
  • Children who live outside the catchment area and who, at the time of admission, will have a brother or sister attending the school or linked junior/primary school.
  • Other children who live outside the catchment area.


​In the event of over-subscription within any criterion, preference will normally be given to children who live nearest to the school as the crow flies. Distances are measured from the entrance to the child’s home to the principal entrance to the main administrative building of the school using the County Council’s distance measuring software. in the event of two distances being measured equal, the local authority will measure to the next decimal point. If the measurements remain equal, lots will be drawn by a person independent of the admission’s team.


Special Circumstances


The following groups of children will be given special consideration in their application for a particular school:


Children whose particular medical needs, mobility support needs, special educational needs or social circumstances are supported by written evidence from a doctor, social worker or other relevant professional stating that the school is the only school which could cater for the child‟s particular needs. The evidence must be presented at the time of application.


​The Admissions team will consider each case on its merits and determine the allocation of any such place on the basis of the written evidence. Admission under ‘special circumstances’ will take precedence over all but the first of the numbered criteria.


Children of nomadic travellers will be allocated a place at their catchment area school.


Admissions to year groups other than the intake year


Applications for admission to other year groups will be considered in relation to the published admission number (PAN) which applied when the year group was first admitted to the school, subject to infant class size restrictions. In some schools, changes in circumstances, such as the building of additional classrooms or as a result of teaching group organisation, will require the school and the LA to agree admission numbers which apply to each year group. The Local Education Officer will agree the detail of this should any issues arise.


If places are available within the year group, applications will be considered in accordance with the current published admission criteria for admission to the school. If places are available, the child will normally be admitted to the school.


For a more detailed version of the Nottinghamshire School Admission Arrangements 2020-21 please refer to and search for Admissions to schools: school information 2020 – 2021. This will give specific guidance on how to apply for a school place.

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