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Larkfields Infant School

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What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.

Curriculum Overview


We provide a broad, balanced and relevant education for each child, paying particular attention to the teaching of basic skills and working within the framework of the National Curriculum and the Foundation Stage Curriculum. Aspects of subjects are linked purposefully together to provide many exciting learning opportunities which encourage creative thinking. We believe this approach ensures balance, continuity and progression throughout the school.


The Governing Body is in total agreement with the Nottinghamshire County Council Statement of Educational Aims.




Thorough planning is the key to making children’s learning effective and progressive. Effective learning builds on and extends what children know and can do. Our planning is informed by talking to our children and our observations of them.


Teaching Methods


Our teachers use a variety of teaching styles. They consider tasks and desired learning outcomes then teach in the most appropriate way. This may include working with a whole class, a group or an individual.


The Learning Environment


We aim to create an attractive, welcoming and stimulating learning environment which will encourage children to explore, investigate and learn through first hand experiences. We foster independence and encourage children to become independent learners.


Most activities are portable and allow the children to take them to either the indoor or outdoor areas. The learning environment has been carefully divided into quiet areas and more active areas with small communication friendly spaces. Within our environment we have areas devoted to:-


  • Role play and storytelling – 2 role play areas, small world play, a stage outside and a storytelling area in the book corners.
  • Reading book and story corners
  • Writing area
  • Number area
  • Sand and water
  • Small and large scale construction
  • Art area
  • Research Hub
  • Computers, an interactive whiteboard and other ICT equipment are also available for the children to use.
  • We also have a dedicated outdoor learning space and we make extensive use of the school grounds for exploration and learning.




Well planned play is a key way in which young children learn with enjoyment and challenge. It provides opportunities for children to enter discussions, make friends, explore materials, be creative, use their imaginations and work collaboratively.


Extra Curricular Activities


Here at Larkfields we realise that a valuable contribution to education is made through visits and additional non-academic classes. Consequently, we organise educational visits to extend and enrich the work done in school and, in year 2, the children participate in a residential visit. All children benefit from visiting speakers, theatre groups and from our involvement in the local Family of Schools. Year 2 children learn country dancing and have the opportunity to play the recorder.


Special Teaching Arrangements


The needs of children are recognised through the systematic tracking of skills and progress from entry onwards. This helps identify if and where additional help might be needed, and support for those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities is excellent. The needs of higher ability children are also recognised and challenge provided for them.


Children with Special Educational Needs


We recognise that all children have their own individual needs at different times in their school career and we cater for these needs in a variety of ways.


We have a policy, in line with the Code of Practice, for meeting the needs of pupils, whether they have a statement of special educational needs or not. This detailed policy includes information about the school’s processes and procedures in the following areas: special educational provision, identification, assessment, allocation of resources, staffing, roles and responsibilities. A copy of the full policy is available in school and from the ‘Policies’ section of the website for reference.


It is always our policy to inform and involve parents when children require additional support. We may draw up an individual education plan for a child. This is always reviewed on a regular basis.

Being the Best That We can Be