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Larkfields Infant School

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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Teaching Staff


Nichola Irwin: Mrs Irwin is the Head Teacher; she is responsible for running the school including the quality of teaching and learning. She co-ordinates staff development, performance management and assessment. She is the designated lead for Child Protection, Safeguarding and Looked After Children. Mrs Irwin is a reading champion and leads the development of reading. 


Kerry Bear: Mrs Bear is currently teaching a Year 2 class. She is Key Stage 1 leader and a designated lead for Child Protection and Safeguarding. Mrs Bear mentors initial teacher training students. She leads Maths and Science.


Catherine May: Mrs May is currently teaching in Year 1 and is the school's SENCO and Mental Health Lead. Mrs May leads on RE, British Values and PSHE.


Edwina Bamford: Miss Bamford shares a FS2 class with Mrs Bunker. She leads Design and Technology and co-leads Early Years. 


Hope Lager: Mrs Lager is currently teaching in FS2. She leads History and Geography and co-leads Early Years.


Daisy Smith: Miss Smith is currently teaching in Year 2 and leads Computing.


Catherine Taylor: Mrs Taylor is currently teaching in Year 1. She leads PE and co-leads Music.


Beth Robertson: Mrs Robertson leads Art and Design and co-leads Music. 


Nicola Bunker: Mrs Bunker teaches in FS2 and is a reading champion.




Tina Clarke –  is a Teaching Assistant working in Year 2 who leads funfit and 1st Class Number
Julie Jones –  is a Teaching Assistant working in FS2 who leads on ASD
Teresa Reed – is a Teaching Assistant working in FS2 who leads on language interventions and interactive music.
Clare Bostock –  is currently a Teaching Assistant in Year 1 and is also the school's ELSA

Helena Tooth –  is a High Level Teaching Assistant and leads our intervention programme and is a reading champion. 
Joanne Turner –  is a Teaching Assistant working in Year 1 and is also the school's ELSA. Mrs Turner is the school's main First Aider. 

Jodie Theakstone - is a Teaching Assistant working in Year 2. 

Katie Thompson- is a Care Assistant supporting children in FS2.



Natalie Cochrane – School Administrator

Jane Maltby – School Administrator and Attendance Champion 

Justine Lloyd – General Support Assistant to teaching Staff

Olena Zymenko - Cleaner in Charge

Eleanor Allsopp – Cleaner


Adele Beeton- The Nest Supervisor 

Joanna Kalinowska- The Nest Deputy Supervisor

Elaine Garford- The Nest Playworker

Lauren Spooner- The Nest Playworker



Our Midday Supervisory Assistants: Julie Crunkhorn, Vicky Lloyd, Joanna Kalinowska, Adele Makin, Jean Shelton and Andrea Short.

Justine Lloyd- supports the Lunchtime Nurture Club and some of our Tier 1 Mental Health interventions.


Amanda Bestwick-Stevenson is the Cook Supervisor. She is assisted by Marlena Domalewska, Jill Grzesiczek and Vicky Lloyd.

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