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Come and meet the staff at our school.


Teaching Staff


Linda Azemia: Mrs Azemia is the Executive Head Teacher who spends one day a week at Larkfields overseeing all aspects of the school and leads on Budget, Premises and Governance.


Nichola Irwin: Mrs Irwin is the Head of School; she is responsible for the quality of teaching and learning. She co-ordinates staff development, performance management and assessment. She is the designated teacher for Child Protection and Safeguarding, Looked After Children and is also the Early Years curriculum leader. Mrs Irwin leads on Computing, History, Geography and Science.


Kerry Bear: Mrs Bear is currently teaching a Year 2 class. She is Key Stage 1 curriculum leader and co-ordinator and subject leader for English.


Catherine May: Mrs May is currently teaching in Year 1. She leads on  RE and PSHCE. Mrs May is the school's SENCo.


Edwina Bamford: Miss Bamford shares a FS2 class with Mrs Robertson and jointly leads on Music, Art and Design and Technology.


Hope Lager: Mrs Lager is currently on maternity leave.


Daisy Smith: Miss Smith is currently covering for Mrs Lager in FS2.


Danielle Wilmott: Mrs Wilmott is currently teaching in Year 2. 


Catherine Taylor: Mrs Taylor is currently teaching in Year 1. She is the subject leader for Maths and PE.


Beth Robertson: Mrs Robertson shares an FS2 class and responsibility for Music, Art and D&T with Miss Bamford and is the school's language lead.

Non Teaching Staff


Tina Clarke – Mrs Clarke is a Teaching Assistant working in Year 1
Julie Jones – Mrs Jones is a Teaching Assistant working in Year 2
Teresa Reed – Mrs Reed is a Teaching Assistant working FS2
Clare Bostock – Mrs Bostock is a Teaching Assistant working in FS2
Helena Tooth – Mrs Tooth is a Teaching Assistant working in Year 2
Joanne Turner – Mrs Turner is a Teaching Assistant working in Year 1 and is the school's ELSA.


Zoe Allen – School Business Manager

Jane Maltby – School Administrator

Justine Lloyd – General Support Assistant to teaching Staff

Hilary Barnes – Cleaner in charge

Eleanor Allsop – Cleaner


Our Senior Midday Supervisor is Heather Blackburn and she leads a team of Midday Supervisory Assistants: Julie Crunkhorn, Susan Groom, Justine Lloyd, Vicky Lloyd, Joanna Kalinowska, Adele Makin, Jean Shelton, Andrea Short and Laura Needham.


Amanda Bestwick-Stevenson is the Cook Supervisor. She is assisted by Marlena Domalewska (currently on maternity leave), Jill Grzesiczek and Vicky Lloyd.

Being the Best That We can Be